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American monk Venerable Sumati Marut (Brian K. Smith) is ordained in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. He is the Spiritual Director of the Asian Classics Institutes of Los Angeles and the Asian Classics Institute of Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Ven. Marut is on the faculty of Diamond Mountain University in Arizona and is a founding Board member and staff instructor of the Yoga Studies Institute.

As a Ph.D. and Professor Emeritus of Comparative Religions, Ven. Marut taught courses in Indian, Eastern and Comparative Religion for over twenty years at Columbia University and the University of California. He is the author of several scholarly books and translations based on Sanskrit materials.

  Lama Marut

Venerable Marut’s personal understanding of our modern western lifestyle unites with his extensive scriptural knowledge of authentic South Asian traditions to create spiritual teachings uniquely relevant to Americans. He is distinguished and adored for his down-to-earth humour, passionate drive, and ability to make even the most esoteric elements of eastern philosophy work as tools for immediate transformation.

The path to enlightenment has never been so welcoming.

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Keep yourself mindful of how to be happy with Lama Marut's free daily "Dharma Twitters": a little Lama love sent straight to your cellphone every day via text message. Just create a profile at (takes 10 minutes max) and then text " follow LamaMarut" to 40404 from your cell phone.


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