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Buddhist Study

Mahasukha Center offers a wide range of courses for spiritually-minded people to enrich their lives.

The ACI formal study courses provide an in-depth review of the major subjects covered in Tibetan monasteries, including the Six Great Books of Buddhism: The Perfection of Wisdom (Prajna Paramita), Middle-Way Philosophy (Madhyamika), Higher Knowledge (Abhidharma), Buddhist Discipline (Vinaya), Logic and Perception (Pramana), and The Steps to Buddhahood (Lam Rim). ACI has distilled the essence of these seminal texts into 18 comprehensive courses.

If you’re interested in the deep investigation and personal practice of the original teachings of the Buddha, then the ACI formal study courses are for you. Learn how to live a good and fulfilling life that can truly be of benefit to others.

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