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Fun at Mahasukha!

The goal of taking yoga, meditation or Buddhism classes is to learn how to live a happier life. The best way to learn how is to enjoy the process and have some fun. Visit the schedule for the following fun events at Mahasukha.

Dharma Flicks
Enjoy a night at the movies at Mahasukha. Relax and see how Buddhist themes appear throughout all genres of cinema. Discover the dharma in great films including popular hits, independent favorites and foreign award-winners. Check out Dharma Flicks for previously shown films and video recommendations.

Potluck Dinners
There’s something special about sharing good food with people who share your interests. The potluck dinners at Mahasukha provide a great opportunity to get to know people better that you see in class and enjoy some terrific vegetarian cuisine.

Dharma Free-For-All
Karma? Past lives? Emptiness? Throw down your most mind-bending questions about the dharma in this fun night of trying to figure it all out with ACI-LA teachers.


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