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You are Already What You Seek: Free Public Talk & Introduction

Friday & Saturday, Oct 9 & 10

Friday: Public Talk, 7:30p - 9:00p
Saturday: Experiential Workshop, 1:00p - 5:00p

Joy, love and freedom are our true nature. You can connect to this inner source of unlimited joy in your everyday life because it is Who You Are. Please join us for this experimental and experiential workshop where we'll explore and connect to our true selves through practices synthesized during a recent 3-month retreat. These practices have elements of Dzogchen (taught by Alan Wallace), Shamata (taught by Doug Veenhof), Sedona Method (taught by Hale Dwoskin), Qi Gong (taught by Master Chunyi Lin) and Buddha Nature (taught by Lama Marut).

Come dive into this deep inner well of happiness and connection through playful exercises, guided meditations and sheer pleasure! Feel free to drop-in/out during sessions.

About Shadi:

Shadi Mogadime is a long-term spiritual seeker. She has tried everything from NLP, yoga teacher certification, therapy and many (many) other modalities and approaches to the quest for enlightenment. For the last decade and a half Buddhism has been her main path. She finally gave up, but thought to do one more retreat to see if she could finally 'get somewhere' with all the spiritual information she has gathered over a 35+ year journey. Surprise, surprise: what she sought was there all along and is what her teachers have been steadily pointing to; especially her heart teacher Lama Sumati Marut.

Suggested Donation for Saturday:: $45

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