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Focus Here and Now: Meditation Workshop
Posted on Apr 11, 2013 - 10:30 PM
Mar 01/, 2013 - Mar 03, 2013

Whether your practice is yoga, prayer or enjoying your breakfast, your ability to concentrate your full attention on this moment of experience is the key to attaining the results you want.

For 2500 years, Buddhist contemplatives have regarded single-pointed concentration to be as vital to health as food and sleep, and generations of meditators have refined step-by-step techniques for training the mind.

During the weekend workshop, you will learn proven methods drawn from three meditative traditions that can reverse the fragmenting influence of our multi-tasking culture on our ability to stay focused on the here and now. These skills can be used widely to relieve stress and depression. Meditation practitioners of all traditions are welcome.

Description Written Materials Audio
Session 1 MP3
Session 1, Meditation 1 MP3
Session 1, Meditation 2 MP3
Session 2 MP3
Session 2, Meditation 1 MP3
Session 2, Meditation 2 MP3
Session 3 MP3
Session 3, Meditation 1 MP3
Session 3, Meditation 2 MP3
Session 4 MP3
Session 4, Meditation 1 MP3
Session 4, Meditation 2 MP3
Session 4, Meditation 3 MP3

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