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ACI Course 13: The Art of Reasoning
Posted on Feb 25, 2014 - 10:03 PM

One of the gifts of Buddhism is that it teaches how to use reason to benefit our everyday lives. In this course, we’ll discover that logic can empower us to improve our relationships, make better use of our natural decision-making skills, and bring us to a more intimate connection with our reality. We will also study the ancient art of Buddhist debate. As we practice using these tools in class, we will find that by working together we are able to find greater clarity within our own mind.

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Description Written Materials Audio
Class 1 - 1/13/2014 Course Materials Class 1 MP3 Download
Class 2 - 1/20/2014 Class 2 MP3 Download
Class 3 - 1/27/2014 Class 3 MP3 Download
Class 4 - 2/3/2014 Class 4 MP3 Download
Class 5 - 2/10/2014 Class 5 MP3 Download
Class 6 - 2/17/2014 Class 6 MP3 Download
Class 7 - 2/24/2014 Class 7 MP3 Download
Class 8 - 3/3/2014 Class 8 MP3 Download
Class 9 - 3/10/2014 Class 9 MP3 Download

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