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Mira Kingsley

“I join the Mahasukha community in thanking Mira Kingsley for graciously agreeing to act as our new Resident Teacher and Spiritual Advisor. We are fortunate indeed to be the beneficiaries of Mira’s thorough training in the Dharma, her talent and creativity, her inexhaustible energy, and her leadership skills as we move into an exciting new era of learning, practice and service to others.
I am grateful to Mira for taking on this responsibility and look forward to working closely with her, the Board of Directors, and the community as a whole in our continuing mission to help people in Los Angeles and around the world learn how to live a good life.”

With all good wishes,
Venerable Sumati Marut
Mahasukha Spiritual Director

Mira Kingsley serves as the Spiritual Advisor and Resident Teacher at Mahasukha Center in Los Angeles ( She believes that the arts and spiritual traditions can serve a united purpose by providing evolutionary models of compassion and wisdom. Mira currently enjoys living in the small mountain town of Ojai, CA and leads workshops and retreats around the world on Buddhism and artistic practice. She is also a staff writer for Awakening Journal (, an online journal sharing the traditions and benefits of retreat.

Mira grew up the daughter of a scholar of Eastern Philosophy and from an early age was steeped in the beauty of the Buddha’s teachings. Following internal guidance, at the age of 21, she took herself into a Trappist nunnery for silent solitary retreat. Her experience there radically altered the course of her life by igniting a passion for the divine in both form and formlessness. Over the last 15 years, she has focused her spiritual studies primarily in Buddhism, the Yogic traditions and Christianity.

Mira’s practice of Mahayana Buddhism has been guided by her Heart Teacher, Venerable Sumati Marut. Under his excellent guidance, Mira has taken the foundational and higher vows of the Gelugpa lineage, the lineage of the Dalai Lamas, and completed the 36 courses of the Asian Classics Institute open and advanced curriculum. She maintains a daily practice of still and moving meditation, study, service and active ethical living. Her daily practice is supported by 2-3 months of silent solitary retreat a year.

Mira’s primary artistic mentor and collaborator for the past 8 years has been theater director Travis Preston, whose teachers were the radical legends Jerzy Grotowski and Tadeusz Kantor. Mira’s other seminal mentors include Anne Bogart, Victoria Marks and Colin Connor. Her studies with dance innovators Anna Halprin and Deborah Hay have also had profound influence on her world view as an artist and human being. Currently, she is deep in the practice of Authentic Movement with her partner, choreographer David Hurwith.

As a dancer, choreographer and theater director, she has worked professionally for more than 25 years at major venues worldwide including Broadway, The Metropolitan Opera, Carnegie Hall, The Whitney Biennial, The Guggenheim Museum, the legendary Apollo Theater and many others. For several years, she directed the stage productions of activist and environmentalist Jazz musician Fred Ho. Mira is the Artistic Director of the Yes Tiger Collective ( with whom she develops projects for live performance.

Among other awards, Mira is a recipient of the prestigious Jacob K. Javits Fellowship in theater. With the Javits, Mira completed two Masters degrees in Choreography and Directing from the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). She has taught at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, CalArts, and now as a tenured Professor of Dance at University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).

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