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The Mahasukha Center offers scholarships to their teachers and students.

This allows them to attend teachings that they can then bring back to the Center to share with others.


Donate to Yoga   Increase your karma to have dharma teachings available in LA by donating to the Dharma Scholarship Fund, which helps students and teachers deepen their knowledge and wisdom.


Donate to Yoga
  Please donate to the Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship Fund to help yoga students and teachers at the Mahasukha Center further their yogic education.


Buddhist practice is meant to bring about a total
transformation in the practitioner so that he or she
becomes capable of truly helping others. Deep, solitary
retreat is extremely conducive for this to take place.

Please consider donating to the Mahasukha Kula Retreat Scholarship Program

> Click here to visit the Retreat Program Webpage!



Lama Marut


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