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Tibetan Heart Yoga

LA’s Mahasukha Center is one of the few yoga centers in the world offering weekly Tibetan Heart Yoga (THY) and Niguma Yoga classes. Yoga Director Sarah Canfield is one of only a handful of accredited Tibetan Heart Yoga teachers in Los Angeles. All staff teachers are well versed in both Tibetan Buddhist and classical Hatha Yoga traditions.

Tibetan Heart Yoga is unique in its reuniting of authentic, ancient wisdom teachings with modern asana lineages. It incorporates aspects of Vinyasa, Sivananda, Ashtanga and Anusara. The core of our asana and philosophy lineage began in the 11th century with spiritual partners Master Naropa and Lady Niguma. The “inner methods” (meditation and philosophy) and “outer methods” (physical poses and breath work) have been combined for a practice infused with wisdom and compassion.

THY works like a moving meditation with each practitioner guided where to place their body and mind in order to benefit both. Niguma Yoga alleviates the stress of modern life and helps you feel young and healthy. It’s a great series for those beginning a yoga practice and insightful for advanced practitioners.

Weekly Schedule

Please check the Schedule for class details and updates. All classes are a $10 suggestion donation. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.


1-Hour Flow All Levels 6:00-7:00pm > Jed Forman

Kids Yoga 4-4:45pm with Yoga Staff Teachers
All Levels Yoga 7:00-8:30pm > Rebecca Stanley

Gentle Yoga: 9:30-10:45am > Carie Kawa
All Levels Yoga: 11:00am -12:15 pm >Carie Kawa

Mahasukha Yoga

Mahasukha Yoga

Mahasukha Yoga

Teachers' Bios

Mahasukha Yoga Sarah Canfield:

Sarah serves as the Yoga Director of Mahasukha Center. Yoga has been the key to happiness in Sarah’s life. In the year 2000, she decided to become a yoga teacher to help others find the same bliss that she found in this sacred practice. In 2001, she received her 200-hour certification in Hatha Yoga from Yoga Kingdom Sanctuary in Pasadena. Sarah was trained to teach Vinyasa Yoga at Life in Motion in New York City. She has been certified by the Yoga Studies Institute to teach Tibetan Heart Yoga. Her classes are empowering for all levels of students.

Mahasukha Yoga Rebecca Stanley:

Since finding her way to the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism and through the blessings of her teachers Lama Kimberley Teresa, Lama Douglas Veenhof, Kristina PaoCheng, Mira Shani and Ted Lafferty, Rebecca has been given the tools to help others help themselves. In 2009, she received her 300-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification through the Yoga Studies Institute teacher-training program. Her classes create strength and joy, giving each practitioner a challenging yet fun experience. As holy Dharma Mittra says, “No fun, no yoga!”

Mahasukha Yoga Emily Crowley-Kunkle:

Emily gives thanks first of all to her Teachers. She has been studying Yoga, Meditation and Pilates for more than 10 years as rehabilitation for multiple chronic pain conditions. She studied Yoga in New York City with Kelly Morris and the Conquering Lion teacher-training program, which reunites the lineages of Tibetan Buddhism with Indian Vinyasa. The program maintains that the true goal of Yoga is self-transformation for the sake of all others. Expect to sweat in the name of Love!

Mahasukha Yoga Ryan Canfield

Ryan is thrilled and honored to be teaching Yoga at Mahasukha. His journey of practicing yoga began under the guidance of his wife, Sarah Canfield, in 2001. Ryan completed his 200-hour Teacher Training at Santa Monica’s Hot 8 Yoga. He attended Geshe Michael Roach’s 10-day meditation/yoga intensive, where he learned Lady Niguma’s gentle yoga series. He will be offering this transformative Niguma series exclusively at Mahasukha. Ryan happily continues his studies of both Yoga and Dharma with his wonderful teachers.

Mahasukha Yoga Carie Kawa

Carie has been studying yoga and dharma ever since she met her lineage in New York City in 2002. She deepened her commitment to a life of yoga by completing a 200-hour certification under Sri Dharma Mittra, beloved living master of classical yoga. More recently, Carie graduated from Yoga Studies Institute’s 300-hour teacher training, which set her firmly on the path of inner and outer method combined. Carie grounds her students in a confident and rigorous breath-body practice that creates access to insight and realization even at the most subtle levels.

Mahasukha Yoga Guest Teacher Darcy Jones

Darcy is a student of Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally, the founders of Tibetan Heart Yoga and Diamond Mountain. She has studied extensively in India at Sera Mey Monastic College, Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute and with His Holiness the Dalai Lama at various locations. Currently, she studies and teaches at the campus of Diamond Mountain in Arizona. She has been inspired by her teachers to reunite the wisdom and meditation lineages preserved in Tibetan Buddhism with the asana and pranayama practices maintained in the Indian Yoga traditions.

Mahasukha Yoga Claire Thompson:

Claire Thompson has been a student of yoga since 2004, and has been teaching at Mahasukha since the start of the yoga program. She studies Buddhism, yoga and meditation with Lama Marut, Lauren Benjamin, YSI and ACI-LA. She is also a massage therapist. Her classes are moderately paced and address the mind-body connection and yoga as a self-changing and world-changing practice.

Mahasukha Yoga Mira Kingsley:

Mira is a devoted student of Tibetan Buddhism under the primary guidance of her teacher Lama Marut. Over the past 10 years she has taught Hatha yoga, sacred dance, and her unique combination of dance/theater at numerous schools around the country including New York University and California Institute of the Arts. She is currently a full time Professor of Dance at The University of California Santa Barbara. Her classes infuse Dharma, poetry and dance throughout a flowing practice that makes your prana sing.

Mahasukha Yoga Jed Forman:

During college, Jed began studying yoga at Baptiste Yoga in Cambridge, Mass., as well as pursuing a love of Street Dance. After moving to New York City, he continued his dance training, while practicing more styles of yoga. In Los Angeles, he completed his 200-hour certification at Black Dog Yoga studio and discovered his spiritual home at Mahasukha Center. Currently, Jed is completing an MS in Dance and Kinesiology at Cal State University, Northridge (CSUN). His yoga classes focus on the importance and benefits of beautiful alignment.

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